Oct 24, 2014

The Third Annual Octoberfest is Coming! Here are the Participating Artists...

Participating Artists

Toltec Jewels                            Jewel School Friends (hostess)

Dini Bruinsma                           http://www.angazabychanges.blogspot.nl/

Marybeth Rich                          http:/forestofjewels.blogspot.com/

Mary Govaars                           http://www.mlhjewelrydesigns.com/

Mischelle Andrade-Fanucchi     http://micheladasmusings.blogspot.com

Karin Grosset Grange               http://ginkgoetcoquelicot.blogspot.fr

Andrea Zenith Glick                  http://zenithjade.blogspot.com/

Nan Smith                                http://wirednan.blogspot.com

Linda Anderson                        http://CherryOnTopDesign.Co

Becky Pancake                        http://beckypancakebeaddesigns.blogspot.com

Melissa Trudinger                     http://beadrecipes.wordpress.com/

Lennis Carrier                          http://windbent.wordpress.com/

Sue Kennedy                           http://suebeads.blogspot.com/

Kim Dworak                            http://www.cianciblue.blogspot.com/

Jo-Ann Woolverton                  http://itsabeadifulcreation.blogspot.ca

Jennifer Reno                           http://jenrenjewelry.blogspot.com/

Veralynne Malone                    http://veradesigns.blogspot.com 

Lori Schneider                          http://beadaddicted.blogspot.com/

Shaiha Williams                        http://shaihasramblings.blogspot.com/

Alisa Siceloff                            http://armoredmermaid.blogspot.com

Pam Traub                               http://www.klassyjoolz.blogspot.com/

Cryss Thain                              http://beaddragons.blogspot.com/

Maria Lourdes Rios                 http://mlourdes24.blogspot.com

Kathy Lindemer                       http://bay-moon-design.blogspot.com/

Carolyn Lawson                      http://Carolynscreationswa.blogspot.com

Blanca Medina                        http://www.peru-medesigns.com/

Debbie Rasmussen                  www.Kepirasmussen.blogspot.ca

Heather Richter                       http://desertjewelrydesigns.blogspot.com/

Kathleen Breeding                   http://99bobotw.blogspot.com/

Carol Dillman                          http://dillmansdallies.blogspot.com/

Chris Eisenberg                       www.wanderware.blogspot.com

Rebecca Sirevaag                    www.godsartistinresidence.blogspot.com

Sam Waghorn                          http://palemooncreation.blogspot.co.uk

Sherri Stokey                           www.KnotJustMacrame.com

Gina Hockett                           www.freestyleelements.blogspot.com

Michelle McCarthy                  http://fireflydesignstudio.blogspot.com

Michelle Buettner                     http://www.MiShelDesigns.blogspot.com

Dana Hickey                            http://magpieapproved.blogspot.com

Claire Fabian                            http://saraccino.blogspot.com 

Cynthia Abner                          http://createdtreasures.blogspot.com

Renetha Stanziano                    http://lamplightcrafts.blogspot.com

Jami Shipp                               http://CelebratingLifewithDaMamaShipp.blogspot.com

Charlie                                     http://505indiechic.blogspot.com

Gloria Allen                             http://www.wingsandbeads.blogspot.com/

Lisa Johnson                             http://spudandmrsbutters.blogspot.com

Marde Lowe                            http://fancimardesigns.blogspot.com

Jill Bradley                                http://chat2jill.blogspot.com

Toni Gifford                              https://plus.google.com/+ToniG28

Shawnda D'Arcy                      https://www.facebook.com/JewelryByShawnda

RaMona Woolson                    http://jerseygirlsbeadwork.blogspot.com

Esterina Jagiella                        http://ekleijar.blogspot.com

Sandra McGriff                        http://skyescreativechaos.blogspot.com

Mary McGraw                         http://mkaymac.blogspot.com

Alenka Obid                            http://pepita-handmade.blogspot.com

Marianne Baxter                      http://simplyseablimejewelry.blogspot.com

Ann Schroeder                        www.beadlove.wordpress.com

Inge von Roos                          http://ingetraud.wordpress.com

Robin Reed                              http://willowdragon.blogspot.com

Suzanne Berk                           https://www.facebook.com/IRescueJewelryDesign

Mowse Doyle                          http://mowsemadethis.blogspot.com

Diana Miglionico Shiraishi         http://jasmineteadesigns.blogspot.com

RanaLea                                  http://ranaleadesigns.blogspot.com

Andrea Rivers                          http://turtlesoupcreative.blogspot.com

Janine Lucas                            http://esfera.me/travel/blog/travel-stories

Tanya McGuire                        http://tanyamcguire.blogspot.com

Anindita Basu                          http://alankarshilpa.blogspot.com

Mitzie Crider                           http://needfulluxuries.blogspot.com

Deb Fortin                               http://studiok24.blogspot.ca

Cynthia Kent Machata             http://antiquitytravelers.blogspot.com

Cheri Reed                              http://creativedesignsbycheri.blogspot.com

Laurel Hanson                         http://stonewingdesigns.com/blogs/stonewingdesignsblog

Ingrid Anderson                      http://lilisgems.wordpress.com/

Karla Morgan                          http://Texaspepperjams.blogspot.com

Lori Anderson                         www.PrettyThings.com

Louise Mccormick-Glazier       http://lilyandjasmine.blogspot.com/

Jasvanti Patel                          http://jewelrybyjasvanti.blogspot.com

Susan Kelly                            http://midlifegreaterexpectations.blogspot.com/

Lee Koopman                        http://stregajewellry.wordpress.com/

Carol Briody                          http://cbriody.blogspot.com/

Kathy Lindemer                    http://bay-moon-design.blogspot.com/

Renetha Stanziano                http://lamplightcrafts.blogspot.com/

Divya N                               http://www.jewelsofsayuri.com/

Trick or treating prizes and the drawing for a Vintage Bigkick will all be awarded on Halloween! This year, all participating artists will get ghostly goodies and tricky trick or treat prizes from ...

 We will also have a drawing for a Vintaj Bigkick!

For complete details about the Octoberfest challenge, just re-visit the sign-ups post, "Third Annual Octoberfest" for ideas, themes, and inspirations for your autumn celebrations.

If you signed and up and don't see your name -- or if you'd like to join us -- I'm happy to add you to the participating artists. Please email me with the subject line "Octoberfest 2014" at: toltecjewels (at) aol.com

Thank you everyone for signing up for Octoberfest! It means so much to me, and I'm honored and excited each one of you joined in to be a part of the Third Annual Octoberfest blog hop. I look forward to our wonderful autumn celebration!

Rita :) 

Toltec Jewels is an author by day, jewelry maker by night. Her literary work is housed by the San Francisco MOMA and is published internationally in popular magazines, literary quarterlies, and university publications. She has won a number of awards for both her literary and jewelry arts. She is happiest making handcrafted jewelry with her entire family, snuggling with her Chihuahua Pancho,  Aussie Lila, Malamute Holly, and her grandkids, sewing, singing, reading, and learning more jewelry techniques. She is the hostess of JSF, a diverse community of expert and emerging artisans taking inspiration from each other and jewelry arts. Join her for networking, fundraising for Beads of Courage, jewelry making challenges, blog hops, contests, give-a-ways and of course, cool beads and jewelry!

Oct 14, 2014

Sparkling Rocks Rescheduled for November 11, 2014

Our Sparkling Rocks Blog Hop is delayed :( 

A wild & radical change has occurred in my life.


Unfortunately, in September, due to a neglectful landlady, overgrown trees,
 a week of storms & intense flooding, our roof shifted & ceilings in our home fell in! 
Long story short, my entire life is changed: new home.

My apologies for the inconvenience!! 

Sparkling Rocks 
November 10

From our new home, across the street is a pond. The
deer drink there each morning & ducks play in the afternoon :) 

Sep 13, 2014

Sea Shell Design Challenge Reveal

I love celebrating artists who create beads! (And jewelry artists, too) I'm just not a bead maker, nor do I wish to be, but using art beads for inspiration makes my heart sing! I love how each artist's work is unique, and how one handcrafted work of art can inspire jewelry art in all kinds of techniques and styles. 

So, when I saw the ceramic scallop shells by Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio, I immediately thought "design challenge!" for one of my FB beading groups -- one Michelle is a member of, too. And so, I sent out all the lovely, OOAK shells, keeping the lovely pink & blue shell for my own design, and now, here it is, reveal day! 

I started by creating all kinds of beaded coral, thinking of making a necklace like the one at ArtBeads: "Siren's Song" 

"Siren's song" Free Beadwork & Kumihimo tutorial by ArtBeads

I made coral for a week, but upon waking early one morning, just felt it was so much better to create less of a statement necklace and more of a simple necklace, one I could easily wear. I don't wear jewelry often, but wanted something that would look Floridian & light & pretty. I went with simple chain maille that accentuated the color of the shell, with bright copper & anodized aluminum in turquoise. And I added lampwork I'd kept near the ceramic scallop shell for a couple months as they seemed to go together -- lovely perfectly sized blue opal & silvered ivory beads by Maryse of Glass Bead Art Lampwork -- from Luxembourg, Luxembourg! 

Blu Opal & Silvered Ivory Simple Yet Perfect Lampwork beads by Glass Bead Art Lampwork

 I really like my finished necklace! 

My friend Sherri Stokey of "Knot Just Macrame" is also in the group, and she created a gorgeous macrame work of art for the challenge! Although we are posting in our Facebook group, she also shared her reveal on her blog. Her design is so gorgeous! Take a look!

And my friend Melissa Trudinger of Bead Recipes posted on her blog, too, as well as in our group! I'm so lucky to get to know artists like Sherri & Melissa -- here is another gorgeous work of jewelry art! Take a look at Melissa's design too!

  In Florida, I'll be wearing my shell necklace long into the year. I do love the necklace's elegance and soft colors and easy style. Thank you Michelle & other bead artists for your wonderful work. And thank you everyone who participated in the Sea Shell Design Challenge in our group! Your talents and all your jewelry designs are amazing and inspiring! 

Sep 7, 2014

Anchors Aweigh!! Blog Hop Featuring Suburban Girl Studio

Looking for my Blu Mudd Contest Entry? 
Click "LIKE" to vote here: Toltec Jewels Entry
Read Blog Post Here

Looking for my Blu Sparkle Reveal?

Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away with me
in the 

Today we are sharing our designs created with beautiful porcelain anchors by

Featured artist: Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio
SGS on Facebook: Suburban Girl Studio, LLC 
SGS blogs: Suburban Girl Studio
                                                                           Art Jewelry Elements

20 artists were chosen to receive a PAIR of porcelain 
ceramic anchor art charms in either stormy seas or sapphire.
On Sunday, September 14th, a random.org winner will be chosen to
receive $25 gift certificate to Lima Beads! 


I fell in love with the stormy seas green. The color is mysterious, 
and powerful; yet gentle and awe-inspiring. 

Anchors in sapphire from Suburban Girl Beads.
Anchors in stormy seas from Suburban Girl Beads.

 The strength that anchors represent -- and the nautical theme of our design challenge, sailing, 
inspired me to create Northern Stars in chainmaille.  I love the symbol
 of the Northern Star  -- guidance, navigation & connection. 

A variation of Byzantine weave, 
you'll find a wonderful free tutorial at The Beadman's website

I added Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens' "Sparkling Rocks" (see Glass Bead Art Lampwork), 
Swarovski erinite AB crystals,  Czech fire polished beads, and crystal rondelles 
gifted to me  for BSBP8 by the talented Bobbie Rafferty of BeadSong Jewelry.
I love the elements of the earrings: art by Diana and Maryse,  beads from 
artists and friends I respect -- inspiring women, anchors in our community.

Participating Artists

Featured & Honored Artist:        Diana Ptaszynski

Diana's Shop:                           Suburban Girl Beads

Diana's Blogs:                          Suburban Girl Studio
                                                 Art Jewelry Elements

Hostess: TJ                               Jewel School Friends

Bobbie Rafferty                         Beadsong Jewelry

Chris Eisenberg                         Wanderware

Heather Richter                         Desert Jewelry Designs

Michelle McCarthy                    Firefly Design Studio

Kathy Lindemer                         Bay Moon Design

Dini Bruinsma                            Angaza by Changes

Cynthia Machata                       Antiquity Travelers

Kathleen Breeding                     99 Bottles of Beads on the Wall

Linda Younkman                       Lindy's Designs

Robin Reed                                  Artistry HCBD

Marla Gibson                              Spice Box Designs

Gina Hockett                               Freestyle Elements

Renetha Stanziano                      Lamplight Crafts

Marianne Baxter                          Simply Seablime Jewelry      

Christina Miles                             Wings N Scales

Marybeth Rich                            A Few Words from Within the Pines

Shai Williams                              Shaiha's Ramblings

Cheri Reed                                  Creative Designs by Cheri

Monique Urquhart                      A Half-Baked Notion

Jennifer Reno                             Musings of a Crafty Jenny

Shirley Moore                             Beads and Bread

Tammy Adams                           Paisley Lizard

Melissa Trudinger                       Bead Recipes

Be sure to check back next Sunday, Sept. 14th.  I'll be sharing our Anchors Aweigh!! Glossi  magazine with all the designs from the blog hop, and will announce the winner of a $25.00 gift certificate to Lima Beads.

Thank you Diana for making beautiful beads! It's an honor to feature your work today, and an honor to create with all the artists of Anchors Aweigh!! Namaste & Great appreciation -- Rita

Sep 6, 2014

Blu Mudd Acorns & Leaves Contest

Looking for my Blue Sparkle post ? 
Click here :) 


I love Blu Mudd ceramics, and I've entered the Blu Mudd Design Contest.
We each were given an "acorns & leaves" set, and could create one piece with all the beads,
 or several. Here are the amber & burgundy beads I received:

I decided to create a jewelry ensemble! Here is my entry --- if you like it, 
vote by clicking "LIKE" : Toltec Jewels Acorns & Leaves Entry.

I made stackable bracelets -- first, a chainmaille & beaded acorn design, 
 and second a beadwork berry vine with Russian leaves. I also created earrings. 

 The chainmaille bracelet  is made of Celtic rings and anodized aluminum rings in sage & bronze, with Blu Mudd ceramic oak leaf, fairy ribbon, Czech beaded "acorns" made by me, and a handcrafted clasp.

The beaded bracelet is RAW made of picture jasper, red onyx, and red agate, with Russian leaves
 made by me, the Blu Mudd acorn connector, and Sweet Birch polymer beads with Vintaj acorn caps.

The earrings include Blu Mudd ceramic tubes, Nic Nac lampwork, Leather Feathers by Tree Wings Studio,  Czech rondelles, mystic topaz gems, Vintaj chain, copper spacers, & Swarovski bicones in volcano.

If you like my ensemble, vote by clicking "LIKE" : Toltec Jewels Acorns & Leaves Entry. 
Gracias! Happy Autumn! 

To join the design team and participate in the next challenge, "Victorian Black & White" purchase
 challenge #6 bead set now at Blu Mudd. Orders/Sign ups are open until October 1st. Kits will be mailed out by Oct. 14th. Entries will be due by November 30th, 10 PM Eastern Standard.